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With Blue Öyster Cult
Solo, Film and Guest Spots BÖC Compilations
Blue Oyster Cult: 1972 Blue Öyster Cult
Tyranny & Mutation
Tyranny and Mutation: 1973
Secret Treaties: 1974 Secret Treaties On Your Feet On Your Feet or On Your Knees: 1975
Agents of Fortune: 1976 Agents of Fortune Spectres Spectres: 1977
Some Enchanted Evening: 1978 Some Enchanted Evening Mirrors Mirrors: 1979
Cultosaurus Erectus: 1980 Cultösaurus Erectus Fire of Unknown Origin Fire of Unknown Origin: 1981
Extra Terrestrial Live: 1983 E.T.L. Revölution by Night Revolution By Night: 1984
Club Ninja: 1986 Club Ninja Imaginos Imaginos: 1988
Cult Classic: 1994 Cult Classic Heaven Forbid Heaven Forbid: 1998
Stalk Forrest Group: 2001 Stalk Forrest Group: St. Cecilia Curse of the Hidden Mirror Curse of the Hidden Mirror: 2001
A Long Day's Night A Long Day's Night

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