The Funhouse
Fun, Games and General Silliness
Welcome to the Funhouse! Dig in, and waste some time with these BÖC and Buck Dharma influenced games and puzzles!

Happy Holidays from The Dharmas

NEW! Download an audio holiday goodie from Buck & Sandy to you. Download an .mp3 of The Dharmas singing "Baby, It's Cold Outside," [Frank Loesser] recorded especially for all you visitors. Happy Holidays from Buck & Sandy!

NEW Video Series!!

A fun video series starring Buck and Sandy Dharma. VIEW episodes (requires windows media player).

Send a Dharma postcard to your friends.

Warp Buck!! Fun and silly!

Play BÖC Whack-A-Drummer.

Match the guitars with Concentration.

Try your skills with this Sliding Puzzle.

Find the albums in the Word Search Puzzle.

note: some games are memory intensive. If you experience errors when the game loads, quit any unused applications to free memory for the game. Some games require Flash plug-in

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