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By the time their live fourth album, "On Your Feet Or On Your Knees," was released, BÖC's reputation for sonically challenging guitar-driven stadium shows was reaching epic proportions. However, it wasn't until "Agents Of Fortune" was released in 1976 that the band landed a spot on the popular charts.

Their fifth album, "Agents of Fortune" went Gold and Platinum on the shoulders of Dharma's haunting single, "(Don't Fear) The Reaper," which rose as high as #12 on the Billboard "Hot 100." Standing the test of time, the song remains as beautiful and relevant today as the day it was released. The true measure of the song's status in the rock pantheon is evidenced by the frequency with which it is cited as a musical influence and covered by other popular bands, such as Big Country, R.E.M. and the Goo Goo Dolls. "Reaper" has also made numerous appearances in movies and on television, including "Halloween," and Stephen King's "The Stand." "Reaper" is a modern classic -- a daily staple of Classic Rock radio across the country to this day.

BÖC began dominating the "Arena Rock" circuit in earnest soon after "Agents," searing audiences with other Dharma-penned tunes like "Godzilla," from the 1977 "Spectres" LP. Later albums like 1979's "Mirrors" and 1980's "Cultösaurus Erectus" received less critical acclaim, but offered incontrovertible proof that the creative juggernaut of Dharma & Co. refused to be bound by rock conventions.

In 1981, Dharma delivered another hit single with "Burnin' for You," which drove the success of the 1981 album "Fire Of Unknown Origin."

The 80's marked a period of significant change for BÖC, as Albert Bouchard left the band in 1981. During the transition, BÖC recorded a third live album, and Dharma seized the opportunity to record a solo album, seeking an outlet for his prolific pen, and the songs that were too "pop" for the confines of BÖC, which left little room for ballads.

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