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Released in 1982 by Portrait Records, "Flat Out" contained tracks ranging from romantic tales of love lost and found and moody instrumentals to the slightly offbeat, a Dharma trademark. In addition to writing all the songs, he played nearly every instrument and also produced the record. The album received mixed reviews, perhaps because critics were expecting Dharma's album to be the "Son Of BÖC," but what they heard instead was an optimistic, hook-laden record chock full of his unique songwriting talents and trademark six-string mastery.

During the rest of the '80s, BÖC released 3 new studio albums. While critical success escaped 1984's "Revolution By Night" and 1986's "Club Ninja," Dharma's hallmark writing and playing were abundant throughout, and after a brief hiatus in 1987, the band reformed around Dharma, Bloom and Lanier and began touring again. They haven't stopped since.

Dharma and BÖC also contributed songs to the soundtracks for the films "Heavy Metal," "Teachers" and "Bad Channels," which gave Dharma the opportunity to provide the soundtrack cues for the film, in addition to the songs BÖC provided.

In 1988, Buck started The Red and The Black, a power trio with Jon Rogers (bass) and Ron Riddle (drums). (At the time, both Rogers and Riddle were also members of BÖC). The band recorded several sets of demos, performed in and around the New York vicinity. The songs recorded by The Red and the Black are on the fourth CD of the Buck Dharma Archive Series.

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