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In 1996, a BÖC fan called to Buck's attention the plight of Ricky Browning, a 10-year-old Godzilla fan in Georgia who was battling a brain tumor. When Dharma was alerted to the boy's situation, he agreed to perform a benefit concert to help defray the family's medical costs. Buck and his wife, Sandy, along with current BÖC bassist Danny Miranda, and drummer John Miceli (Meatloaf) joined together in the Buck Dharma Band, and the performance, along with a heartwarming portrait of a very brave and compassionate young man is available on the "Miracles DO Happen" video. Sadly, Ricky eventually succumbed to his illness. Buck and Sandy continued their close relationship with Keith Browning, Ricky's father.

In 1998 BÖC released "Heaven Forbid," their first new studio record in 10 years. "Heaven Forbid" offered Dharma his first opportunity to take full control of the music in the producer's seat.

Dharma reprised his role as producer with the 2001 release of BÖC's latest record, "Curse of the Hidden Mirror." "Curse" is another stellar offering from Blue Öyster Cult, showcasing the skillful musicianship and creative songwriting of the band. The record includes two of the songs previously only available on the Buck Dharma Archive Series, "Stone of Love" and "Here Comes That Feeling" which have been transformed by the forceful yet graceful hand of Blue Öyster Cult.

Dharma remains a creative pillar in the band that he helped make famous, with Blue Öyster Cult still outgunning the majority of their Classic Rock colleagues by averaging over 100 live performances a year. This constant touring is gaining the band a healthy boost of new young followers who find today's rock and rap music too one-dimensional and welcome BÖC's multilayered combination of musicianship, songwriting craft and lyrical depth.

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