Guitar Secrets
Guitar Secrets #2
Reprinted courtesy of Cherry Lane Publishing
originally published in GUITAR magazine 1984-1986

Chords and Popping Harmonics

There are a few ideas I'd like to share in this month's column. Let's start with some powerful rock chording ideas. Bar an A chord with your second finger on the second fret. Play this chord and its other forms with a powerful downstroke, hitting the open A string while muting the high E string. By moving this chord form around you can get a powerhouse sound. Trying moving the A formation to C on the 5th fret, then D on the 7th fret. You may recognize this same progression - A, C, D - from the Humble Pie song "I Don't Need No Doctor."

For a sweeter sound using the same idea of one chord changing positions, try playing 3/4 of an F chord leaving out the high E string. Start in the 5th fret with your first finger on the B string, your second finger on the G string 6th fret and your third finger on the D string 7th fret. Keep the A string droning. This works nicely in the A (5th), G (3rd), F(1st), C (8th), and D (10th) frets. You can include the high E string if you want. It sounds a bit jazzy with the A bass.

On the single note side, here is a technique I use for getting a harmonic in any fret on any string. I hold the pick with my thumb and first finger and lay the nail of my middle finger about an inch behind the pick and about four inches up from the bridge. Pick the string with a downstroke and lift the nail off a hair behind the pick. By using this technique, you can move your pick hand backwards and forwards from the bridge toward the neck and get different harmonics. It's not like making a true harmonic where you use the meat of your finger on the string. With this technique you'll get whatever note you fret plus a harmonic on top. It's great when you want to make a couple of notes sound funky. I use this one all the time when I play live.

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