Guitar Secrets
Guitar Secrets #4
Reprinted courtesy of Cherry Lane Publishing
originally published in GUITAR magazine 1984-1986

Chordal Runs & Dive Bomb Harmonics

Here's another run I find myself playing a lot when the Cult hits the stage. It's like playing a C chord and adding the major 7th note by flatting the tonic one fret in evely position, e.g. C to B or A to G#. Start on high E string 8th fret C note with your second finger. Go down a half step to the B 7th fret of the same string. Then it's G on the B string 8th fret ring finger, and E on the G string 9th fret. Then you repeat the same melody an octave lower. Play the C on the D string 10th fret with your pinky, go a half step down to the 9th fret D string with your ring finger. The G note on the A string 10th fret is played by the pinky, followed by the E note on the 7th fret of the same string, using your index finger. End with the middle finger playing the C on the 8th fret low E string.

I play this a lot when we're in Am, but you can also play it as a run over a G chord. It's most effective and sounds best when you play it quickly. Give it a try sometime when you want to come down the strings with a little flourish instead of just playing blues notes.

Here's a technique I developed after I got a Floyd Rose tailpiece and it only works when you've got a tremolo, like the Rose or Kahler that lets the strings become totally slack. The idea is that when the "dive bombed" string comes back, it's an attack in itself. What I want to share here is getting a harmonic with that attack. If you want to pick up a harmonic on the G string you have to bring the thumb of your fretting hand over the neck to block the E, A and D strings and your second finger across the E and B strings to dampen their sound. Now put the T-bar in the exact opposite of its usual position over the strings. Get the palm of your hand underneath it and give it a push until the strings go slack. Then position your hand to whatever fret you want and place the tip of your second finger over the harmonic you want to ring and just let the bar back up. I find the 2nd fret interesting, because you usually pick up the sound of the open G string and the 2nd fret harmonic. The 5th and 7th frets work well too, although you can get weird noises just about anywhere you make the harmonic.

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